CNA Classes in Fresno


The healthcare industry is ever-evolving, and with this evolution comes the increasing demand for skilled professionals. Among them, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) play a pivotal role in patient care. For those residing in California’s Central Valley and seeking a rewarding career in healthcare, CNA Classes in Fresno offer a perfect entry point. This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into these classes, the certification process, salary prospects, college reviews, and options to access free training in Fresno.

But why Fresno? The city not only offers a plethora of opportunities for CNAs but is also home to several renowned institutions offering top-tier CNA courses. For those wondering where to kickstart their CNA journey, Fresno emerges as a wise choice.

Map of California highlighting Fresno, a hub for CNA Classes.

CNA Certification and Salary Info

Certification Process

The journey to becoming a CNA in Fresno begins with a state-approved training program. Post-completion, aspirants must clear the California Nurse Assistant State Exam to earn their certification. Typically, these training programs range from 4 to 12 weeks, comprising both theoretical and clinical training.

It’s imperative for candidates to have completed a minimum of 160 hours of training, inclusive of 100 hours of clinical training under supervision. Once the training phase concludes, students have a 2-year window to take and clear the state examination. Successfully clearing this exam paves the way for the candidate’s name to be added to the California Nurse Aide Registry.

Salary Insights

CNAs in Fresno can anticipate a promising pay scale, especially given the rising demand for healthcare professionals in the region. While the salary varies based on experience, location, and employer, on average, a CNA in Fresno can expect to start at an annual salary of around $28,000. With experience and additional certifications, this figure can easily scale up to $38,000 or more per annum.

Experience LevelAverage SalaryAdditional Benefits
Entry Level$28,000Healthcare, Overtime Pay
5 Years+$38,000Healthcare, Overtime Pay, Bonus, Paid Time Off

It’s noteworthy that besides the basic salary, many employers offer benefits such as health insurance, overtime pay, and annual bonuses. When choosing a workplace, it’s prudent for CNAs to consider the entire compensation package, not just the base salary.

For those willing to go the extra mile, additional certifications can make a substantial difference in salary and growth prospects. Specializing in areas like pediatric care, geriatric care, or critical care can open doors to higher-paying roles and better career progression.

College Reviews Providing CNA Classes in Fresno

Choosing the right institution for CNA classes in Fresno is paramount to set the trajectory for a successful career. Fresno, with its burgeoning healthcare scene, boasts of several esteemed institutions offering CNA courses. Here’s a detailed dive into ten of the most notable institutions in the city.

1. Fresno City College

Address: 1101 E University Ave, Fresno, CA 93741

As one of the oldest community colleges in California, Fresno City College has long stood as a beacon of quality education. Their CNA program, endorsed by many healthcare professionals, offers a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training. The experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities make it a top pick for many aspiring CNAs.

2. Clovis Adult Education

Address: 1452 David E Cook Way, Clovis, CA 93611

Located just a stone’s throw away from Fresno, Clovis Adult Education offers an intensive CNA program tailored to meet the needs of adult learners. With flexible schedules and a curriculum that balances theory and practice, this institution has garnered praise from both students and employers alike.

3. Reedley College

Address: 995 N Reed Ave, Reedley, CA 93654

Another gem in the Central Valley, Reedley College is renowned for its student-centric approach. Their CNA course emphasizes real-world applications, equipping students with the skills needed to excel in diverse healthcare settings.

4. Duncan Polytechnical High School

Address: 4330 E Garland Ave, Fresno, CA 93726

A unique addition to this list, Duncan Polytechnical High School provides younger students with an early start in the healthcare domain. Their CNA program, though condensed, covers all essential aspects and offers a pathway to higher medical studies.

5. Golden Living Training Center

Address: 650 W Alluvial Ave, Fresno, CA 93711

Golden Living stands out for its exclusive focus on healthcare training. Their CNA program, designed with input from healthcare professionals, ensures students are job-ready upon completion. The institute’s affiliations with local healthcare providers also offer students ample internship and job opportunities.

6. Madera Community College

Address: 30277 Ave 12, Madera, CA 93638

Just a short drive from Fresno, Madera Community College offers an excellent CNA program that attracts students from all over the Central Valley. With a strong emphasis on clinical skills and patient care, the college prepares students for both the state exam and the challenges of the job.

7. WestMed College

Address: 20 River Park Pl W, Fresno, CA 93720

WestMed College, with its sole focus on medical training, offers one of the most comprehensive CNA classes in Fresno. Their curriculum, enriched by guest lectures from medical professionals and practical training in simulated environments, has been hailed for its depth and practicality.

8. Sierra College of Medical Technology

Address: 2545 W Shaw Ave # 113, Fresno, CA 93711

A newcomer but rapidly gaining traction, Sierra College provides a fresh perspective on CNA training. Their course, regularly updated to align with the latest medical practices, ensures students are always a step ahead in their knowledge and skills.

9. San Joaquin Valley College

Address: 295 E Sierra Ave, Fresno, CA 93710

San Joaquin Valley College has been a hallmark of quality education in Fresno for decades. Their CNA program, backed by a legacy of excellence, is comprehensive and designed to mold students into competent healthcare professionals.

10. Elite Academic Academy

Address: 7014 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA 93720

Elite Academic Academy offers a tailored CNA program for those seeking quality education with personalized attention. Their small batch sizes and interactive teaching methods ensure each student gets the guidance and support they need.

In conclusion, Fresno offers a plethora of options for CNA aspirants. It’s essential to research, visit the institutions if possible, and pick one that aligns best with individual career goals and learning preferences.

Options on How to Get Free CNA Training

One of the standout attractions for CNA aspirants in Fresno is the possibility of accessing free or highly subsidized training programs. Let’s explore the avenues available to make this dream a reality.


Many institutions and organizations recognize the value of nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Scholarships specific to CNAs or broader medical fields can significantly reduce training costs. For example, the CNA Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to deserving students in Fresno and beyond.

Employer-sponsored programs

Healthcare facilities in Fresno often provide sponsored CNA training for individuals committed to working with them post-certification. These mutually beneficial agreements ensure institutions get skilled workers, and students receive free or subsidized training. Hospitals like the Community Regional Medical Center often have such programs in place.

Work-study programs

Some institutions in Fresno facilitate work-study programs, enabling students to work part-time at the institution or associated healthcare facilities. This hands-on experience not only offsets tuition fees but also provides invaluable real-world exposure.

Government and non-profit initiatives

State and federal programs frequently provide financial assistance for CNA training. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), for example, offers training funds for individuals in sectors like healthcare. Non-profits, recognizing the importance of CNAs in the community, also periodically offer financial aid.

Personal accounts

Real stories often provide the best insights. Sarah, a recent graduate of CNA classes in Fresno, shares, “I was initially overwhelmed by the training costs. However, after some research, I stumbled upon a scholarship from a local non-profit. Not only did it cover my tuition, but it also provided me with a mentor in the healthcare field.”

Nurse in uniform assisting a patient, showcasing the importance of CNAs in Fresno's healthcare system.


Fresno’s burgeoning healthcare scene offers a promising landscape for CNA aspirants. With a myriad of reputable institutions, diverse training options, and ample opportunities for financial assistance, the city stands out as an ideal destination for CNA education. As with any career choice, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, seek guidance, and choose the path that resonates most with one’s career aspirations and personal circumstances. Here’s to a rewarding journey in the world of healthcare in Fresno!